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The Problem with Functioning Labels

Today, we bring you a blog from Snagglebox, a website which describes itself in three words: “Autism. Parenting. Life.”

The blog talks about the different labels we use to describe our children. For instance, the blog begins with the following: “It’s no secret that I have a problem with the term high functioning autism.”

The blog explores the use of our language and how most times, people use terms or phrases without really understanding what it means or the clinical significance the phrase or terms really has. She lists the following reasons not to use the label “high functioning autism”: “it’s not a thing; nobody agrees on what it means; it doesn’t mean anything; it’s harmful to everyone; it’s outdated; it’s not useful; functioning isn’t uniform; functioning isn’t static; functioning changes over time.

The article offers some great insight on the reasons we should not label so much.  To check out her reasons for not labeling are students so much, check out the entire blog here.

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