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iPads in Special Ed: What Does the Research Say?

Although there has only been a small amount of studies done on the idea that iPads benefit overall classroom success, all of them point to YES! According to a recent study done in Los Angeles, not only did the implementation of the iPad in the classroom help the students overall absorption of information, but also in “their motivation, communication skills, and the strength of their social bonds”. The teachers said that their students were improving in interacting with other students. They noticed that their students were doing things like saying ‘hello’ to other students in the hallway and coming up with future goals for themselves.

Special Education teachers are now realizing that with the use of the iPad in the classroom, they are finding that their students are becoming more engaged and eager to learn. They are finding apps that can help with their curriculum, making it more effective of a way to learn. There was another unique way that the iPad was being used, according to Eric Westervelt. “Just last year, I reported on a classroom in Los Angeles where an iPad had replaced a $15,000 custom assistive technology setup, enabling a student with control over only one finger to communicate”. How amazing for this student?

It is no secret that the world is making huge technological advances. With this new research that is being done, it is very clear that iPads are helping in the classroom, especially with our students with special needs.

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