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Image by Joanna Kosinska


Your team at the Inclusive Education Project is dedicated to helping families live with dignity. IEP will now offer a limited range of family based probate services. These services are proactive in helping family members achieve. By offering low-cost legal services, IEP will help families navigate the complex probate system. 

Special Needs Trusts allow for an adult with special needs to maintain their eligibility for public assistance benefits even if they have assets that are inherited and may otherwise make the person ineligible to receive those public assistance benefits. 

Limited conservatorships are court proceedings where a judge may appoint a responsible person certain “powers” over another adult with a developmental disabilities (“limited conservatee”) so that they can care for the limited conservatee with daily life needs. The goal of limited conservatorships is to allow the limited conservatee to keep as much independence as possible, hence why there are only seven powers.

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